If you enjoy reading Agatha Christy's series of murder mysteries with Henri Poirot, you'll love the new murder mystery series by Larry Vardiman with Maurice Bordeau.
Book 1 – Green Bayous in New Orleans, Louisiana
Book 2 – Moon Bubbles in Marfa, Texas
Book 3 – UCLA Body Stasher in Los Angeles, California
Book 4 – White Death in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Book 5 – The Chicago Boys in Chicago, Illinois
Book 6 – Tunnels of Manhattan in New York, New York
“Bristol! Please come and witness this for me. I think I’ve found where the murder weapon came from.” – Maurice Bordeau
Book 7 – Arch Villains in St. Louis, Missouri
Book 8 – Rocky Mountain Lie in Denver, Colorado
Book 9 – The Big One in San Francisco, California
Book 10 – String of Pearls in Hawaii
Book 11 – Tijuana Tunnel in San Diego, California
Book 12 – Hance Creek Hermit in the Grand Canyon